In my opinion, the *Kindle is the commuter’s best friend. Small, lightweight and with hundreds of thousands of books waiting to be read, it’s like your very own transportable library.

So how do you decide what to read?

I’ve made it my mission to download as many books as possible (most of them free; all affordable) to add a little interest to my daily train journeys. Having already enjoyed hundreds of books and with many more to explore, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the books I come across as I make my way through them, one by one. Who knows, you might even decide to download a few?

I like to read books of various genres and styles, so if my reviews appear a little random, that’s why… but there is method in the madness. I believe books are truly a great way to broaden the mind and break away from the rush of everyday life, so I like to absorb as many as I can.

If you’re reading this, thank you. I hope you enjoy my blog and find a couple of ideas for your next download.


I am not advertising for Amazon, or any other organisation; I simply write about the Kindle because that is the eReader I own.

I definitely don’t want to fuel any fires around the ‘eReader versus real book’ argument – both have their merits, but the Kindle suits my commute!