A fantasy romance set in – you guessed it – Ireland, “Wild Irish Heart” follows a Boston girl’s journey back to her home country to learn about the healing powers passed down through her family.

I often enjoy both romance and fantasy novels, but this one didn’t quite work for me. There’s nothing wrong with the way the book was written (in fact, there were parts I really enjoyed), but I just found it a little slow. There tended to be a huge build-up to big events, then they would just fizzle out without much development. I just felt there were a few areas that could have had more impact; the end result didn’t always justify the initial suspense!

On the plus side, it was enjoyable to read. It’s relaxing and there’s enough interest within the plot to keep you reading; perhaps a good option for sitting by the pool on holiday.

If you are a fan of steamy romance, this book might well appeal to you. I don’t mind these kind of scenes so long as they enhance the plot and are not overused. In this case, I felt they were OK and fairly placed. In my personal opinion though, the story focused a little too much on the romance and needed a bit more (non-romantic) drama to bulk it up. For example, the beginning of the story seemed to suggest the protagonist would find herself a social pariah in the town… but within a day or so, she seemed to be getting along with the locals rather nicely! A bit of development along that line of the story might have just added to the drama for me.

This is just my personal opinion and I am sure this book will appeal to many people. If you like fantasy novels, give it a try and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

If you prefer your fantasy  fiction with a little less romance, try “Sink: Old Man’s Tale”.