I did alright in History at school; I got a good grade. However, I have never felt it’s my strongest subject… that’s why I decided to download a few history volumes to my Kindle for 2017.

At first, I thought this would be one heavy volume and wasn’t particularly looking forward to reading it. I misjudged it. This book was absolutely fascinating. From the beautiful works of Heine to the dark glimpse into Beethoven’s state of mind through his final letters, this collection of poetry, plays, letters and short stories was absolutely fascinating. I found Beethoven particularly interesting; his letters were so frank and it is unbelievable to imagine a man who changed the world of classical music being so lonely and insecure towards the end of his life. It’s also interesting to see a collection of famous works together, particularly when you consider how one artist/author’s work may have influenced another.

I would recommend this book if you love classic literature and would like to dip your toe in history. Even if, like me, you have never been an avid historian, this book could be a great stepping stone to getting back in touch with your inner history student.